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Not happy with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing preview? Just enter the URL of the page you want to share and choose your own title, description and thumbnail image!

Beautiful Link Previews
Optimize link posts with custom sharing images and text on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms

Secure & Spamfree
The only link shortener that actively checks links for spam, abusive or fraudulent content – we keep Pretty Links clean!

Custom Domain Names
Shorten your links and use your own domain names for better brand recognition and more clickthroughs

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Track visitors to your links with retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, Linkedin and others
Now available!

Why use Pretty Links? On July 18th 2017, Facebook has discontinued the possiblity to modify link previews in an effort to combat the spread of fake news. Publishers, who have been optimizing title, description and images of their link posts in a legit way are out of luck too. Here's Facebook's official statement about the change.

How does Pretty Links work? Very simple – Pretty Links acts as middleman between your webpage and the Facebook crawler. While it delivers your preferred sharing preview to Facebook, it redirects all other traffic to the webpage.

What's the downside using Pretty Links? Facebook can technically block our domain prettylinks.co. Which is why we offer you to use your own, branded domain instead! Not only does it look better, it's also more safe!